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Get the dresses you want and stop paying PSN


SweetCarts, thank you for creating such a great product! I’ve only used it on the family of WDW brands but it is TOP NOTCH! I trashed the other and this is the only one I’ll use from now on! – A mom from Tampa, FL

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Is the SweetCarts Bot for Me?

Great question! Here’s a few questions to determine whether or not it is for you!

  • Are you tired of paying overinflated PSN prices?
  • Would you much rather get all of the new releases at retail prices?
  • Do you hate waiting in the “line of death” only to have the item stolen out of your cart?
  • Are you interested in increasing your chances of carting by 100-300%?
  • Would you prefer to actually make money by buying boutique rather than lose money?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the SweetCarts bot is for you!

What is the SweetCarts Bot?

  • The SweetCarts Bot is a program that you install on your computer to automate your purchase.
  • The SweetCarts Bot will help you to checkout faster than your competition to get the item of your choosing
  • The SweetCarts Bot allows you to choose the size and color that you want
  • The SweetCarts Bot greatly increases your chance of carting on 9 websites: Well Dressed Wolf, Omi Jo, Wildling, Bijou Sauvage, SweetHoney, Pleiades Handmade, Little Minis, Nelly Madison, and RicRac & Ruffles (RicRac sold separately)

What Other Moms Are Saying

I was able to get BOTH daughters the dress that they wanted tonight. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! – 
A mom from Austin, Texas

I will be signing up again for sure! I was successful last night! ? Thank you for your great communication too – that is a great selling point for your services as well. – A mom from NYC

SWEETCARTS ROCKS! I got my Southern Charm last night! – A mom from Gainesville, Florida

Boom Shocka Locka Baby!! Just carted with SweetCarts! – A mom from Orlando, FL

I carted a 12 month KIB! It was my first cart ever and it felt nice not to pay PSN!  Thanks so much! – A mom from Atlanta, GA

Why Choose SweetCarts?

Created with Compare Ninja

If I don't cart, do I have to pay?


We designed the SweetCarts Club so that everybody will get something. You have unlimited attempts on 8 different websites throughout the month. That’s a possibility of about 15 releases.

Plus, you can use it on multiple computers in the same household, so you have 30 possibilities of carting per month.

Worst case scenario, most of our customers attempt to cart 4 items per month and if they only get 2, we are still the best option on the market.

If after all of this, you still didn’t cart anything, just send us a message within 30 days, and we will give you your money back.

Features and Benefits

Exclusive Brands

The SweetCarts bot is the ONLY bot available that works on Well Dressed Wolf, Omi Jo, Wildling, Bijou Sauvage, Pleiades Handmade, SweetHoney, Little Minis, and Nelly Madison. We are also the only bot for RicRac & Ruffles.

Safe and Secure

We are the ONLY bot provider that does not store credit card information and is 100% PCI compliant. For more information about what this means, please click here

Lightning Fast

Our bot is the lightest, fastest bot on the market that can beat out other bots (and humans) in record time to make sure you get the items you want.

Save Hundreds

With our membership, you get unlimited use of the bot on all of the websites we support on one device. You could save hundreds of dollars per month by not paying resale every time on all your favorite brands.


If you can make a purchase online, you can use our bot. It’s extremely simple to use.

1-Hour Avg Response Time

Our customer service is amazing and responsive (try us!) We fully support our bot and are available all day to answer questions. You can email us at team@sweetcartsclub.com or message our Facebook page.

“FINALLY, a bot that actually works.” – A mom from Providence, Rhode Island